Jan 26, 2011

Day 7 ☼ Fly Your Freak Flag

...mine just seems to always involve my quest for PEACE .

The Greeks coined a unique term worth becoming familiar with, ichor (pronounced "I-core"). It was a reference to the fluid that ran through the veins of the gods instead of blood like in mortals. Your ichor is your uniqueness, your special passions and talents and ability to see the world through your own eyes. The world needs you to live out your ichor because you are the only you the world will ever have.

I found the following that I think are divine tips for Letting Your Freak Flag Fly from Dr. Lissa Rankin....
I’m talking about opening the channel for your joy, mojo, and authentic self to express themselves. What have I done to let my freak flag fly? Here are some tips:

1. Ask yourself-honestly- how YOU really want to dress/ act/ behave/ be? Then, as long as it’s not going to endanger anyone or land you in jail, JUST DO IT. Want to wear a purple hat to church? Why not wear the purple hat? Feel like skinny-dipping in the lake on a hot summer night when it’s just you and your best bud? Why not skinny dip? If the urge to sing along to the radio strikes you, I say sing your heart out, baby!

2. Release your concerns about what “everybody” thinks. Who the hell is everybody, anyway? Make a list. When the critic in your head tells you that “everybody” will disapprove of you when you let your freak flag fly, who are these people? Most of the time, our “everybody” boils down to a few key people- like Mom, your ex-boyfriend, and Great Aunt Myrtle. Do those few people really want you to diminish your joy? Do you really care if they do?

3. Look in the closet and assess whether your wardrobe really lets your freak flag fly. A friend of mine recently had a style consultant come into her closet, and the woman said, “Honey, there’s not a single bright color in your whole closet, and yet your light shines so bright. Why not reflect it? Everything is big and baggie, but you have this hourglass figure. Is that what you want to express to the world?” When you let your freak flag fly, sometimes that means you’ve got to go shopping so you can show the world on the outside who you really are in the inside.

4. Unleash your heart. Do you feel the inspiration to hug someone you barely know or to call an old lady “Sweetie” or to hold hands with a girlfriend? Why hold back? I’ve discovered that there’s just not enough love in the world. If your heart tells you to put love out into the world, please don’t censor it! When I was a kid, Mom taught me about what my husband Matt calls "lucky penny love" from the song Mom taught me- "Love is something if you give it away. It's just like a magic penny, hold it tight and you won't have any. Lend it, spend it, and you'll have so many, they'll roll all over the floor." Put love out into the world, and love will coming pouring in.

5. Follow your bliss. When a wave of joy washes over you, don’t push it away. Bask in it! Those are giant shots of mojo, and you want to invite them in, rather than push them away.

6. Surround yourself with other freak flag flyers. You will be inspired and encouraged, rather than squashed or put in a box.

7. “Be the change you want to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi. Want to live in a world where others are letting their freak flags fly? Be the example.

8. Make a list of things you feel tempted to do, but don’t. Until recently, I’ve been fixing my hair in mature and responsible hairstyles. But what I really wanted to do was put my hair in two braids, ponytails, or little knots over my ears that my daughter calls “Bunny ears.” My inner critic told me 40-year old doctors don’t style their hair this way. Then I realized this is ridiculous. My list of things I wanted to do but didn’t was lengthy- and I smiled when I read what was on it. I wanted to get henna tattoos and face-paintings any chance I get, but I'm not quite committed enough to get a real tattoo. Sometimes, I want to wear hot Pink wigs, but I don't want to die my hair. Still listening to the truth within me. What's on your list? Why not indulge your list? That’s your authentic self talking….you might want to listen up.

9. Spend time in silence, so you can hear the inner voice that tells you how your freak flag wants to fly. When I talk about this at workshops, some people say, “I don’t have a freak flag.” I say THAT'S CRAP! We all do. We’ve just been so socialized to squelch it that when we give it permission to fly, it droops. Sit in silence, be still, and listen to the song of your soul.

10. Attend gatherings where others are letting their freak flag fly. It might be easier to unfurl yours for the first time if you’re the meekest of a wilder bunch. Then store up some of what you experienced and experiment with putting it out there in the world on a regular basis.

Peace, Love, & Ichor

Toby Mac ~ Diverse City
Acrylic on Flags / Photography by Moi'


  1. love, Love, LOVE this, Paige!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Mish. Kinda gets you fired up, huh? Me too ♥ I've never been more content with who I am until I began to fly my freak flag :)

  3. Words to live by: "Unleash your heart"...thank you for sharing this! & now I think I need a Peace Flag! cheers!

  4. Let us not stifle who we are created to be ♥ cheers, bethany :)